Army: Manage IV

The Army Medic task for managing an IV using 3D graphics and interactions. The Medrills (U.S. Army Medic) Manage an IV app is a highly interactive training tool for initial training and skill

sustainment of task 081-833-0034 for U.S. Army Health Care Specialists (Combat Medic, MOS 68W).

Each Medrills App covers a 68W (Army Combat Medic) task and consists of 3 modes:
  • Instruction Mode – Multimedia instructional animation that covers the injury, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Training Mode – A series of interactive exercises focused on the ‘key point’ of each subtask. Each exercise takes a subtask’s key point and transforms it into an active learning exercise on the touchscreen interface.
  • Testing mode – Ensures trainees can correctly complete the task. It tests trainees using the same exercises as the training mode but grades them in accordance with the task’s Go/No-Go criteria.
All training in the app is in accordance with STP 8-68W13-SM-TG, “SOLDIER'S MANUAL AND TRAINER'S GUIDE, MOS 68W, HEALTH CARE SPECIALIST SKILL LEVELS 1, 2 AND 3”.

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