Obtaining IV Access

The Advanced/Paramedic task of Obtaining IV Access is fully illustrated using 3D graphics and the critical skills are tested using interactive exercises. This Intravenous Infusion lesson includes: preparing the IV, performing the venipuncture, and discontinuing the IV.​


Medrills, presented by Archie MD, provides compelling training material for preventive and general medical tasks such as obtaining IV access, performing CPR, or using an AED. The app is dedicated to an individual medical task and includes:​


1. An instructional animation providing a deep understanding of the medical task.

2. Training with interactive exercises which enable practicing the task to prepare for assessment.

3. Testing section to evaluate the user’s knowledge and skill of a task.

4. Receive CAPCE course credit hours for mastering the test.


You can now purchase the Testing Mode, which gives you the capabilityof receiving Continuing Education Hours (CEH)/ Continuing Education Units (CEU)/ Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits after successfully completing the application by scoring an 85% or higher in the testing mode. These hours are approved by CAPCE, the national accrediting body for EMS continuing education courses and course providers.


In the Testing and Certification mode, Paramedics will receive 3.0 Advanced Continuing Education Hours, certified by CAPCE.


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