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What kind of procedures does Medrills cover?

Medrills applications cover the main basic procedures for EMTs, Paramedics and Combat Medics.  We are working on new procedures to add everyday.  Our current apps include the following procedures:

- Obtaining IV Access / Initiate IV / Manage IV

- Cricothyroidotomy (Cricothyrotomy)

- Medication Port

NCD for Pneumothorax


- Hemorrhage Control / Hemostatic Dressing

- Administering Medicine

- Suctioning Airway

- Performing CPR

- Airway Management

- Triage

- Administer Oxygen

- Hypovolemic Shock

- Fracture

- Spinal Cord Injury

- Saline Lock

- Control Bleeding

- Pressure Dressing

- Tourniquet

- Administering Morphine

What does each app include?

Each app is dedicated to an individual medical task and includes:

1. An instructional animation providing a deep understanding of the medical task.

2. Training with interactive exercises which enable practicing the task to prepare for assessment.

3. Testing section to evaluate the user’s knowledge and skill of a task. EMTs and Paramedics can earn Continuing Education Credits here.

Who are Medrills for?

Medrills applications are created for the Medical Professional wanting to improve training comprehension and skills and to review procedural concepts.  Currently we are focused on providing Medrills apps for EMTs, Paramedics, and Combat Medics but will also provide apps for Nurses in the future.  The apps can be used by those doing their initial training or by those already certified who want to enhance their knowledge.

How does Medrills benefit my training?

The applications are created with you in mind, so they are easy to use and provide detailed information along with realistic visuals to stimulate learning.  The interactive exercises reinforce key concepts and techniques that are important to remember. By using Medrills, you will see exactly what steps need to be taken during each medical procedure, strengthening your professional knowledge.

EMTs and Paramedics: You can earn Continuing Education Credit Hours (CEH or CEU) accredited by CAPCE.  This is a great way to get CEUs in an affordable and convenient way while enhancing your skills.  

Are the CECBEMS credits available on all of your applications?

Continuing Education Credits are currently only available on our EMT/Paramedic applications, for both Android and iOS platforms. We are currently not offering Continuing Education on our Medrills for the Military applications.

What is the main difference between Medrills and traditional online training courses?

​Our training is offered through mobile apps, which means you can use them anytime and anywhere from your mobile device (smart phone and tablet).  You aren't tied down to a computer and don't need to set aside a specific time to do the training.  Also, our interactive components help to ingrain the material more effectively. 

What Operating Systems do you support?

​We support Android and iOS systems for mobile phones and tablets, including the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7.

Where can I find these apps?

Apple/ iOS users: You can find apps in the App Store or iTunes for Apple/ iOS users by searching for Medrills.  If you are using your mobile device now, you can click on the icon below to view the Medrills apps in the iTunes store.  You can also visit our EMT/Paramedic Applications page to view a complete listing of all the apps available.



Android users: You can find our apps in the Google play store, or the Amazon app store by searching for Medrills.  You can also click the icon below to view all Medrills applications in the Google play store.

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