The Medrills (U.S. Army Medic) Army apps are highly interactive training tools for initial training and skill sustainment for U.S. Army Health Care Specialists (Combat Medic, MOS 68W).  Each Medrills App covers a 68W (Army Combat Medic) task and consists of 3 modes:

Instruction Mode – Multimedia instructional animation that covers the injury, diagnosis, and treatment.

Training Mode – A series of interactive exercises focused on a ‘key point’ of each subtask.  Each exercise takes a subtask’s key point and transforms it into an active learning exercise on the touchscreen interface.

Testing mode – Ensure trainees can correctly complete the task.  It tests trainees using the same exercises as training mode but grades them in accordance with the task’s Go/No-Go criteria.

All training in the apps are in accordance with STP 8-68W13-SM-TG  “SOLDIER'S MANUAL AND TRAINER'S GUIDE, MOS 68W, HEALTH CARE SPECIALIST SKILL LEVELS 1, 2 AND 3”.

NCD 081-833-3007


AED 081-833-3027


Cricothyroidotomy 081-833-3005


Initiate IV 081-833-0033


Manage IV 081-833-0034


Saline Lock 081-835-3025


Control Bleeding 081-833-0161
Pressure Dressing 081-833-0212


Hemostatic Dressing 081-833-0211


Tourniquet 081-833-0210


Administer Morphine